Barbara Hachipuka Banda

Chief Executive Officer of Natural Agriculture Development Project in Zambia, Natural Agriculture Development Project in Zambia, Zambia, Africa

Barbara Hachipuka Banda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia (NADPZ), an NGO that was established in 2005 in partnership with a non-profit organization called Shumei International. NADPZ aims to improve the quality of life of Zambia’s rural population by using an environmentally friendly farming method called Natural Agriculture. NADPZ currently works with over 6000 rural small-scale farmers in the Southern province of Zambia; educating them on the self sustainable benefits of Natural Agriculture and Seed Saving methods.  Our mission is to support and stimulate initiatives, which will: Create and expand markets for Zambian natural agriculture produced products; Increase incomes of small-scale producers through partnerships with the private sector, agribusinesses, associations, and cooperatives.