Shuying Lee & Huiwen Chen

Natural Agriculture Farmers, Happy Farm, Taipei, Taiwan

For over 20 years Mr. Shuying Lee and Mrs. Huiwen Chen have run a farm in Taiwan, practicing Shumei Natural Agriculture. However, their life wasn’t always this way before discovering Natural Agriculture.

Shuying and Huiwen are parents to five children, and it was when their eldest daughter had suddenly fallen ill that they started their journey to Natural Agriculture. At only the young age of two, their daughter suffered atopic dermatitis and the couple was desperate to find something outside of traditional medicine because Shuying knew of the possible negative side effects. 

They were desperately searching until their Japanese friends told them a story of somebody being cured of atopic dermatitis by consuming Natural Agriculture foods. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, they committed themselves to use the method to produce pure and healthy foods for their daughter instead of relying on medicine. Sure enough, within six months their daughter’s condition has drastically improved, and this experience completely changed their lives.

After a few years, they decided to move to the countryside of Taiwan so that they could try growing more crops such as rice, fruit, and vegetables. In 2001 they opened “Happy Farm”, an education farm where they could share their experience and practices of Natural Agriculture with visitors. Now over 4,500 people visit their farm yearly and about 1.65 million people have accessed their website. Huiwen’s blog was so popular that she published an eleven book series called My Happy Farm which has become a best seller in Taiwan. 

Thanks to her book, the younger generations of Taiwan have gained an interest in Shumei Natural Agriculture and are now practicing the methods on their own by using My Happy Farm as their guide.