Monia Caramma

Healthy Food Specialist, Sarnico, Lombardy, Italy

Food & Eating Designer, Co-founder of Bontasana, Independent Scholar

Monia Caramma is a Food & Eating Designer who is very passionate about her work. She designs sustainable foods and curates their entire supply chain: from the sourcing of raw materials and the processing methods to the packaged product. She strongly believes that environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with social sustainability, and that an ethical, conscious approach is fundamental for the future of food and agriculture.

She began researching and studying grains over twenty years ago. She soon developed her own mission: promoting a healthful food culture by spreading accurate information to help create awareness for better choices in food consumption.

She has pursued this mission through her many years of research, and she is now Co-founder and head of the R&D Department of Bontasana, a manufacturer of vegan, organic gluten-free pasta made with heirloom grains and raw superfoods.

She is in the Forbes 2021 ranking of the 100 most influential women in Italy. She has published articles in international and specialized journals. She has written a book, Cereali antichi e moderni. Perché conoscere la varietà della farina che mangi può salvarti la vita (Heirloom and Modern Grains: Why Knowing the Flour You Eat Can Save Your Life) (Mind Edizioni).