Gabriele Cini

Teacher of Culinary Arts, Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy

I’m Gabriele Cini. I was born in Florence in 1968.

I started working as a pastry chef and ice-cream maker at a shop in Florence in 1983, but I was passionate about this art since childhood, and I have been learning about it since I was a teenager. Later on, I started learning the “white art” (confectionery), also from the old pastry and ice cream masters of Florence who held the secrets to this centuries-old Italian tradition.

As I worked and studied at the same time, I earned my first diploma as a kindergarten teacher, and a second Cooking Chef diploma at a Hotel School. At the University of Florence, I studied Ancient History, Literature, and Philosophy.

My hobby is to study classical music (pipe organ) and I have had the privilege of being invited to play the pipe organ at the Cathedral of Florence.

I also practice some music therapy, playing the piano in oncology wards, and this experience strongly encourages me to further my work and experimentation.