Edmar Lopes

Farm owner, Pedra Redonda Coffee Farm, Araponga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

High in the verdant hills above the town of Araponga in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Edmar Lopes gently tends his coffee grove. Today, the magic is all in the soil and the weather, which make Minas Gerais the richest coffee-growing area in the world. Its climate and altitude are perfectly suited to growing the mellow Arabica coffee bean. The fruit of Edmar’s labors has won many awards for its excellence. Committed to ecologically sound farming for over a decade, Edmar has practiced Shumei Natural Agriculture since 2013. He knows his plants and takes time with each of them. The beans are never rushed. They are picked only in their prime. Then, they are dried unhurriedly in the sun. Shumei is proud to support Edmar in his endeavor to make fine coffee by making it available to our friends.