Morena Giorgi

Naturopath, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

I was born in 1957, on a hill near the city of Cortona, Italy, in a small village where only 8 families lived.

I lived with my parents, my paternal grandmother and my father’s six siblings.

I was very much loved, and my father was a great man who taught me to love both nature and people. In addition, he taught me about plants and their medicinal qualities, and how to read the moon and the stars.

I inherited his passion for books and his thirst for knowledge.

Growing up, I studied the humanities and then worked at a hospital, and after that as a teacher.

My professional career was hampered by many health problems; however, this did not affect my willingness to keep learning.

I came to realize that our bodies talk to us. If you listen to your body, you can take control of your quality of life. Also, everything happens for a reason, and to determine our mission in life.

I have completed courses and programs in health prevention, wellness, and mental and spiritual well-being, and also studied nutrition, nutraceuticals, epigenetics, psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, and holistic practices.

Finally, I started on my journey to become a naturopath and integrate nutrition with social and emotional interventions.

My mission is to teach the useful things I have learned and experienced to anybody who is willing to listen.